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Global Timeouts


Global Timeouts set the global server timeouts. Timeouts can also be set for individual routes.

How to configure

Config file keysEnvironment variablesTypeDefaultsDefinition
timeout_readTIMEOUT_READstring (Go Duration formatting)30sThe amount of time for the entire request stream to be received from the client.
timeout_writeTIMEOUT_WRITEstring (Go Duration formatting)0The max stream duration is the maximum time that a stream’s lifetime will span. An HTTP request/response exchange fully consumes a single stream. Therefore, this value must be greater than read_timeout as it covers both request and response time.
timeout_idleTIMEOUT_IDLEstring (Go Duration formatting)5mThe idle timeout is the time at which a downstream or upstream connection will be terminated if there are no active streams.


timeout_read: 30s

# Or